Our Show Themes


Air Power

Learn about the amazing power of air. Watch balls hover in mid air. Learn about Bernoulli’s principle. Discover the science of the Magdeburg Spheres. Watch the Mad Scientist lift a volunteer with air power on our Hovercraft!


Fire and Ice

Mad Science Fire and Ice is an exciting collection of scientific demonstrations that will make your brain sizzle! See the scientific method in action and put it to the test - the FLAME test! Watch the properties of heat as we save money from burning up. Learn how cold dry ice really is. See the Mad Scientist use dry ice to shower kids with clouds!


Mystery of Chemistry

See a series of experiments that change, smoke, and spurt! Watch liquid change into a rainbow of colors. The Mad Scientist mixes up a gooey, foaming paste, and an eerie, smoking genie - in an ordinary water bottle! See Styrofoam "melt" before your eyes! Finally, a volunteer helps make a vat of Mad Science Slime!


Phantastic Physics

Have fun with physics as we create lightning indoors! See electricity at work as we float pie tins and make a pickle light bulb! Discover the power of a Tesla coil as we use it to ignite a cannon. Then, we send 200,000 volts of electricity through one lucky volunteer for a truly hair-raising experience!


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